20 truths about love that we know too late

Life now and then presents us lessons, but we, as a rule, learn them only when we can’t change anything. And although at every step “straws cannot be lodged”, we hope that the collected truths will help you on the romantic path. 1.It is foolish to believe that the partner already knows how dear to […]

Ekaterina Mikhailova “Suddenly comes yesterday”

The grass of oblivion and faces of old age, cultural injuries and the figure of her father, speech roles and the place of a woman. Psychotherapist, Specialist in Psychodrama, Coach and expert Psychologies, Ekaterina Mikhailova, writes about what works with clients on, and at the same time about those issues that seem to her the […]

Kira Sorokina: “How I experienced a divorce”

Kira Sorokina – a large mother and a successful woman, founder of the Nanoasia brand – shared with us the history of her divorce and secrets, how in difficult circumstances to remain herself and be happy. The reasons for the divorce This situation has developed in my life: my partner stopped developing with me and […]