Kira Sorokina – a large mother and a successful woman, founder of the Nanoasia brand – shared with us the history of her divorce and secrets, how in difficult circumstances to remain herself and be happy.

The reasons for the divorce

This situation has developed in my life: my partner stopped developing with me and hearing me. I have repeatedly raised the topic of improving our relationship, but he did not go to dialogue. This has happened over the past few years and led to the fact that I just stopped talking about my desires and plans, share something and hope for his understanding. I just began to realize everything myself, took my life in my own hands.

Gradually, I came to the understanding that it is more and more difficult for us to be nearby. Not only did I not receive understanding and support from my partner, so at some point I began to feel that my husband did not appreciate me. As if he is in his comfort zone: there is a wife, children, a house, a business-everything is fine, why do something else to do, why move, make efforts, strain?

And he did not want to leave this zone. And as a woman, I began to get very tired in such a relationship – without male support,


without a colleague. At some point, I realized that I can no longer be so that the divorce, unfortunately, is inevitable, that I deserve the best! And as soon as I understood this, I determined the date on what day to inform my husband about my decision.

How to inform a partner about parting

I did not prepare, did not think about speech, did not harvest arguments. I thought that we are adults, sit down, calmly discuss everything and agree. And that was my biggest mistake.

We often attribute to people those qualities that they do not have. We measure them on our scale, endow with our features. And this is a deep misconception – to judge others by themselves. Even those who, it seems, know very, very good. And even those with whom the side on the side lived for more than 20 years. Everyone has their own cockroaches in their heads.

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